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Love Don’t Last Always – The Dating Network Podcast

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When you think of love and marriage, you tend to think of forever, right? Well, not so much. Though the divorce rate is declining in America, thanks to millennials, there is still a staggering amount of individuals who are already divorced. Among the 28,339,199 divorced Americans is Rochelle McSam, educator, healer, empath, and honored guest on The Dating Network. This Sunday, Rochelle joins us to talk about the devastating reality of some marriages, which is the fact that they are not always as they seem. Rochelle shares her truth of why her marriage has ended and what this means for her, she talks through the marital roles of men and women and explains that even with this end of over 20 years of knowing her husband, she still believes in love. We can’t sugar coat this thing, while we all want love, some endings aren’t always happy. Tune in with your favorite podcast crew every Sunday to talk real love and relationships. Whether you’re looking for love, maybe stopped looking, or found love and want to keep it, this is the podcast for you.

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