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Love Don’t Cost a Thing – The Dating Network Podcast

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How important is getting and receiving gifts to you and your partner? When it comes down to it, gift giving is a form of appreciation, an act of love and reassurance in a relationship. So does that mean if you don’t get gifts often, you’re not loved? Or does it mean you should be gifting your partner once a week?! Everyone expresses and gives love differently, but the most important thing we believe is being present in a relationship, whether it’s giving a gift or giving time, we think it’s the thought that really counts. With a special guest on the mic, Mika V, Ricardo Picasso and Major Ki talk the good and bad of gift giving, what we expect in our relationships, and debate the reality that real gifts don’t come from Target lol!

Tune in with your favorite podcast crew every Sunday to talk real love and relationships. Whether you’re looking for love, maybe stopped looking, or found love and want to keep it, this is the podcast for you.

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